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Inactivation of regulatory-associated protein of mTOR (Raptor)/mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1) signaling in osteoclasts increases bone mass by inhibiting osteoclast differentiation in mice 代庆刚,谢芙蓉 江凌勇,邹卫国,汪俊 J Biol Chem 2017,292(1): 196-204
FRⅢ矫治功能性和早期骨性安氏Ⅲ类错合的软组织变化  张楠   汪隼 上海口腔医学 2017,26(6): 658-661
mTOR/Raptor signaling is critical for skeletogenesis in mice through the regulation of Runx2 expression 代庆刚 汪俊,邹卫国 Cell Death Differ 2017, 24(11): 1886-1899
定制牙托膜片切牙区厚度变化的影响因素 朱远兵 汪俊 国际口腔医学杂志 2017, 44(5): 583-586
利用Demirjian法判断928例青少年下颌恒牙发育时间 费越 汪俊 上海口腔医学 2017,26(5): 565-568
纳米流动树脂及2种不同黏结剂对断冠再接黏结强度的影响  赵是民  汪俊  上海口腔医学  2017, 26(4): 404-408 
趋化因子SDF-1促进基于内源性干细胞归巢的初步研究 黄晓 汪俊 组织工程与重建外科 2017,13(5): 287-290
影响防护牙托防护性能的因素 汪俊   口腔材料器械杂 2017, 26(1): 1-4
Surface properties and color stability of incrementally-filled and bulk-fill composites after in vitro toothbrushing 赖光云 汪俊 Am J Dent 2017, 30(5): 262-266
A low percentage of HER-2 amplification whereas indicates poor prognosis in salivary carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma: a study of 140 cases 夏亮 田臻 ,李江 J Oral Pathol Med 2017, 46(3): 167-174
Far infrared ray (FIR) therapy: An effective and oncological safe treatment modality for breast cancer related lymphedema 李科,夏亮 章一新 J Photochem Photobiol B 2017,172: 95-101
In vitro and in vivo anticancer activity of pardaxin against proliferation and growth of oral squamous cell carcinoma 韩一凡 Wei-Hsuan Hsu、Bao-Hong Lee Mar Drugs 2015,14(1): 2
Primary intraosseous adenoid cystic carcinoma of the mandible: a comprehensive review and analysis of four new cases with emphasis on corphologic, immunophenotypic, and molecular characterisitics 韩婧 张春叶 Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol 2017,123(3): 365-373
Prognostic nomogram for disease-specific survival of carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma of the salivary gland 胡宇华 李江 Head Neck 2017, 39(12): 2416-2424
提高口腔组织病理学实验课教学质量的措施探讨 田臻,王丽珍 李江 上海口腔医学 2017, 26(2): 237-240
Accuracy of a real-time surgical navigation system for the placement of quad zygomatic implants in the severe atrophic maxilla: A pilot clinical study 洪国峰 吴轶群 Clin Implant Dent Relat Res 2017, 19(3): 458-465
ADAM10对小鼠颅颌面膜内成骨的影响 谭宇 房兵、杨秩 组织工程与重建外科 2017,13(1): 13-16
Comparison of dental implant performance following vertical alveolar bone augmentation with alveolar distraction osteogenesis or autogenous onlay bone grafts: a retrospective cohort study 赵凯 吴轶群 J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2017, 75(10): 2099-2114
Hypoxia suppresses osteogenesis of bone mesenchymal stem cells via the extracellular signal regulated 1/2 and p38-mitogen activated protein kinase signaling pathways 张鹏 江凌勇 Mol Med Rep 2017,16(4):5515-5522
Measurement of the zygomatic region for the optimal placement of quad zygomatic implants 洪国峰 吴轶群 Clin Implant Dent Relat Res 2017, 19(5): 841-848
复发性腮腺多形性腺瘤的手术治疗及并发症预防 邓刚 何悦,于德栋 中国口腔颌面外科杂志 2017, 15(3): 227-230
口腔黏膜病人的种植修复研究现状 刘晶 吴轶群 临床口腔医学杂志 2017, 33(8): 507-509
Role of fine needle aspiration cytology in the differential diagnosis of vascular anomalies from other lesions in the head and neck region 贺捷 王延安 Phlebology 2017, 32(1): 34-42
2003-2012年上海地区口腔恶性肿瘤发病状况与时间趋势分析 傅锦业 张志愿 中国口腔颌面外科杂志 2017, 15(2): 171-175
92例原发灶不明的颈部转移性癌的治疗失败模式分析 窦圣金 朱国培 中华放射肿瘤学杂志 2017, 26 (1): 12-16
A covalently bound inhibitor triggers EZH2 degradation through CHIP-mediated ubiquitination 王旭 陈万涛、Wenyi Wei EMBO J 2017, 36(9): 1243-1260
A three-lncRNA signature derived from the Atlas of ncRNA in cancer (TANRIC) database predicts the survival of patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma 曹巍 季彤,陈万涛,邹欣 Oral Oncol 2017, 65: 94-101
Acceptable clinical outcomes and recommended reconstructive strategies for secondary maxillary reconstruction with vascularised fibula osteomyocutaneous flap: a retrospective analysis 沈毅 孙坚 J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg 2017, 70(3): 341-351
Cancer stem-like cell related protein CD166 degrades through E3 ubiquitin ligase CHIP in head and neck cancer 肖孟 陈万涛、王旭 Exp Cell Res 2017, 353(1): 46-53
Cancer-associated fibroblasts promote cancer cell growth through a miR-7-RASSF2-PAR-4 axis in the tumor microenvironment 沈宗泽,秦星 陈万涛,张建军 Oncotarget 2017,8(1): 1290-1303
Carboxy-terminus Hsc70 interacting protein exerts a tumor inhibition function in head and neck cancer 肖孟 陈万涛 Oncol Rep 2017,38(3):1629-1636
Chemotherapy in head and neck osteosarcoma: Adjuvant chemotherapy improves overall survival 陈一铭 季彤 Oral Oncol 2017, 73: 124-131
Contrast-enhanced ultrasound for diagnosis of an enlarged cervical lymph node in a patient with oropharyngeal cancer: a case report Gvetadze, Shalva R 孙坚 Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol 2017,124(5): 495-499
Contrast-enhanced ultrasound mapping of sentinel lymph nodes in oral tongue cancer-a pilot study Gvetadze, Shalva R 孙坚 Dentomaxillofac Radiol 2017,46(3): 20160345
Control-released Alpha-lipoic acid-loaded PLGA microspheres enhance bone formation in type 2 diabetic rat model 张占召 吕明明 Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2017,10(9):10019-10031
Cytological study of DNA content and nuclear morphometric analysis for aid in the diagnosis of high-grade dysplasia within oral leukoplakia 杨溪 刘伟 Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol 2017,124(3): 280-285
Decreased expression of pseudogene PTENP1 promotes malignant behaviours and is associated with the poor survival of patients with HNSCC 刘剑楠 曹巍,张陈平 Sci Rep 2017, 7: 41179
Estrogen-mediated hemangioma-derived stem cells through estrogen receptor-α for infantile hemangioma 张凌 郑家伟 Cancer Manag Res 2017, 9: 279-286
Expression pattern of DKK3, dickkopf WNT signaling pathway inhibitor 3, in the malignant progression of oral submucous fibrosis 周晌辉 张陈平 Oncol Rep 2017, 37(2):979-985
Facial nerve preservation during giant mandibular tumor surgery 朱云 杨雯君 J Craniofac Surg 2017,28(2):e115-e117
GDNF secreted by nerves enhances PD-L1 expression via JAK2-STAT1 signaling activation in HNSCC 林承重,曹巍 王旭,季彤 Oncoimmumology 2017, 6(11): e1353860
IFNAR1 在口腔鳞状细胞癌中的表达及意义 杨文艺 马海龙,胡镜宙 中国口腔颌面外科杂志 2017, 15(3): 240-244
Imaging evaluation of recipient vessel of osteoradionecrosis of the mandible with vascularised flap reconstruction 李晓光 何悦 Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2017,46(1):185
In situ release of VEGF enhances osteogenesis in 3D porous scaffolds engineered with Osterix-modified adipose-derived stemcells 徐万林 杨雯君 Tissue Eng Part A 2017, 23(9-10): 445-457
Interferon-α promotes the expression of cancer stem cell markers in oral squamous cell carcinoma 马海龙,金淑芳 张志愿,胡镜宙 J Cancer 2017,8(12):2384-2393
Is there a role for craniofacial surgery in the treatment of extensive or recurrent head and neck tumors involving the cranial base? 马春跃 孙坚 J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2017,75(9):2006-2019
Low pretreatment lymphocyte-monocyte ratio and high platelet-lymphocyte ratio indicate poor cancer outcome in early tongue cancer 王慧珊 张陈平 J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2017,75(8): 1762-1774
Maxillary ameloblastoma: Factors associated with risk of recurrence 杨嵘,刘喆麒 季彤 Head Neck 2017,39(5):996-1000
Maxillofacial fibrous dysplasia: A clinical analysis of 72 cases 范雅丹 胡镜宙 Biomed Res 2017,28(6):2498-2503
MFAP5 and TNNC1: Potential markers for predicting occult cervical lymphatic metastasis and prognosis in early stage tongue cancer 杨溪 张陈平,张志愿 Oncotarget 2017,8(2):2525-2535
Nomogram model to predict postoperative infection after mandibular osteoradionecrosis surgery 刘忠龙 何悦 Sci Rep 2017,7(1):3479
pH-Responsive aerobic nanoparticles for effective photodynamic therapy 沈玲悦 张志愿,周国瑜 Theranostics 2017,7(18):4537-4550
Preventing early-stage graft bone resorption by simultaneous innervation: innervated iliac bone flap for mandibular reconstruction 王磊 张陈平、王磊 Plast Reconstr Surg 2017,139(5):1152e-1161e
Prognostic and clinicopathological significance of MUC expression in head and neck cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis 卢浩 杨雯君   刘胜文 Oncotarget 2017, 8(56): 96359-96372
Proposing a novel classification and staging system of mandible osteoradionecrosis: Chinese experience 刘忠龙 何悦 Int J Oral  Maxillofac Surg 2017, 46(1):128-129
Propranolol therapy for infantile hemangioma: our experience 张凌 郑家伟 Drug Des Devel Ther 2017, 11: 1401-1408
Radiotherapy and smoking history are significant independent predictors for osteosynthesis-associated late complications in vascular free fibula reconstruction of mandible 陈一铭 季彤 J Craniofac Surg 2017, 28(6): 1508-1513
Recurrence and cancerization of ameloblastoma: multivariate analysis of 87 recurrent craniofacial ameloblastoma to assess risk factors associated with early recurrence and secondary ameloblastic carcinoma 杨嵘,刘喆麒 季彤 Chin J Cancer Res 2017,29(3):189-195
Risk factors for postoperative delirium in patients undergoing major head and neck cancer surgery: a meta-analysis 朱云 杨雯君 Jpn J Clin Oncol 2017,47(6): 505-511
Sex hormones, gonadotropins, and sex hormone-binding globulin in infants fed breast milk,cow milk formula, or soy formula 方欣 王磊 Sci Rep 2017,7(1):4332
Stathmin is overexpressed and regulated by mutant p53 in oral squamous cell carcinoma 马海龙 ,金淑芳,琚梧桐 张志愿,钟来平 J Exp Clin Cancer Res 2017,36(1): 109
The "Drawer-Like" resection and reconstruction with titanium mesh: a novel surgical technique for treatment of giant ossifying fibroma in the maxilla 吕明明 孙坚 J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2017,75(8):1752-1761
The mechanically activated p38/MMP-2 signaling pathway promotes bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell migration in rats 杨子桧 王磊 Arch Oral Biol 2017,76: 55-60
Unexpected extracardiac multifocal adult rhabdomyomas with 10 lesions of the head and neck: epidemiology, diagnosis, and therapy 卢浩        刘胜文 杨雯君 J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2017,Sep 29.[Epub ahead of print]
Venous thromboembolism after oral and maxillofacial oncologic surgery: report and analysis of 14 cases in Chinese population 王洋 张陈平 Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal 2017,22(1):e115-e221
干扰素和自噬在肿瘤免疫微环境中的研究进展 杨文艺 马海龙,胡镜宙 医学研究生学报 2017,30(3):319-323
颌面肿瘤患者下肢深静脉血栓合并肺动脉栓塞1例护理 马双骅 蒋莉莉 上海护理 2017,17(6):87-89
口腔颌面-头颈部癌肉瘤10例临床分析 何海蕾 何悦 上海口腔医学 2017,26(5):569-572
膜联蛋白A1的表达对口腔鳞癌TPF化疗的影响 孙文文 钟来平 中国口腔颌面外科杂志 2017, 15(4): 295-299
上颌窦近端型上皮样肉瘤1 例报告及文献复习 卢迪,王磊 秦兴军 中国口腔颌面外科杂志 2017,15(6): 569-573
术前全身合并症情况及营养状态对老年口腔鳞癌患者预后的影响 刘喆麒 王悦平 中国口腔颌面外科杂志 2017,15(3):235-239
头颈部骨肉瘤临床病理及预后分析 王悦平,陈一铭 季彤 中国口腔颌面外科杂志 2017,15(4): 349-353
下颌骨放射性骨坏死临床诊疗专家共识 何悦,侯劲松 何悦 中国口腔颌面外科杂志 2017,15(5):445-456
旋髂浅动脉穿支皮瓣修复颊癌术后缺损的临床应用 阮敏 何悦 口腔医学研究 2017,33(9):966-969
血管化游离组织瓣修复口腔颌面部肿瘤术后缺损的临床效果 刘正武 何悦 广西医学 2017,39(7):1021-1024
144例儿童髁突骨折闭合性治疗回顾分析 朱妍菲 朱敏 中国口腔颌面外科杂志 2017,15(4):329-333
3D 打印个性化钛合金内植物在口腔颌面外科的应用进展 寿雨薇 蔡鸣 口腔材料器械杂志 2017,26(2):102-106
A Comparative evaluation of CBCT outcomes of two closed treatment methods in intracapsular condylar fractures 唐艳梅 朱敏 Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol 2017,123(5):e141-e147
A new approach of splint-less orthognathic surgery using a personalized orthognathic surgical guide system: A preliminary study 李彪 王旭东、沈国芳 Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2017,46(10):1298-1305
ADAM10-initiated release of notch intracellular domain regulates microtubule stability and radial migration of cortical neurons 杨秩 熊志奇 Cereb Cortex 2017,27(2):919-932
Amniotic fluid-derived stem cells mixed with platelet rich plasma for restoration of rat alveolar bone defect 王敏娇、李洪亮 司家文、沈国芳 Acta Biochim Biophys Sin (Shanghai) 2017,49(3):197-207
Analysis of postoperative bleeding after posterior pharyngeal flap pharyngoplasty 万腾 吴忆来 J Craniofac Surg 2017,28(3):600-603
Application of a newly designed mandibular distraction device for navigation surgery in goats 蔡鸣 陈阳 J Craniomaxillofac Surg 2017,45(10):1704-1709
Application of a novel three-dimensional printing genioplasty template system and its clinical validation: a control study 李彪 王旭东 Sci Rep 2017,7(1):5431
Application of computer-aided design and customized implants in the reconstruction of pyriform aperture defects secondary to unilateral cleft lip and palate 吴忆来   J Craniofac Surg 2017,28(6):1517-1520
Combined counterclockwise maxillomandibular advancement and UPPP surgeries for severe obstructive sleep apnea 于雯雯 卢晓峰 J Craniofac Su 2017,28(2):366-371
Counterclockwise maxillomandibular advancement: a choice for Chinese patients with severe obstructive sleep apnea 魏思龙 卢晓峰 Sleep Breath 2017,21(4): 853-860
Dental and periodontal phenotypes of Dlx2 overexpression in mice 代杰文 沈国芳、王旭东 Mol Med Rep 2017,15(5):2443-2450
Employ calcination as a facile strategy to reduce the cytotoxicity in CoFe2O4 and NiFe2O4 nanopartivcles Debora R. Lima,Ning Jiang, Xin Liu Jiale Wang,Pedro H. C. Camargo ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 2017,9(45):39830-39838
Fibulin-7在小鼠下颌第一磨牙发育过程中的时空表达 欧阳宁鹃 沈国芳、代杰文 中国口腔颌面外科杂志 2017,15 (5):385-387
Foxc对颅颌面骨组织发育的调控作用 司家文 沈国芳 中国细胞生物学学报 2017, 39(9): 1251-1254
Mandibular reconstruction with single barrel vascular free fibula flap and implants-borne fixed prosthesis: usage of a modified healing abutment 司家文 史俊、沈国芳 Int J Clin Exp Med 2017,10(8):12635-12640
Postnatal development of the spheno-occipital synchondrosis: a histological analysis 代杰文 沈国芳 J Craniofac Surg 2017,28(6):1635-1637
Study on the short-time remolding of upper airway after uvulopalatopharyngoplasty 姚侃 卢晓峰 J Craniofac Surg 2017,28(3):688-692
Subcutaneous C shape muscular flap for correcting the depression of alar base in affected side in patients with unilateral complete cleft lip/palate during primary surgery 乌丹旦 陈阳、代杰文 J Craniofac Surg 2017,28(4):1078-1080
The synergistic effects of Sr and Si bioactive ions on osteogenesis, osteoclastogenesis and angiogenesis for osteoporotic bone regeneration 毛丽霞 吴成房兵 Acta Biomater 2017,61: 217-232
Three-point fixation of displaced tripod zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture: A modified surgical technique 司家文 史俊、沈国芳 Int J Clin Exp Med 2017,10(4):7199-7203
UPPP术后短期上气道重塑现象的初步探究 姚侃 卢晓峰 中国口腔颌面外科杂志 2017,15(1):63-68
鼻阻塞对大鼠颅颌面肌肉及呼吸肌影响的动物模型研究 孙蕙珺 朱敏 口腔医学 2017,37(4):376-379
鼻阻塞对幼年大鼠髁突骨髓间充质干细胞成软骨分化的作用 王晓玲 朱敏 中国口腔颌面外科杂志 2017,15(1):1-5
不同年龄组咽成形术后异常语音治疗的效果 蒋莉萍   中国口腔颌面外科杂志 2017,15(4):354-356
海藻酸钠/明胶复合水凝胶用于3D生物打印的初步研究 任荣 史俊 中国口腔颌面外科杂志 2017, 15(5): 402-407
颌面部住院手术患者健康教育方法及效果 陈利琴   解放军护理杂志 2017,34(2):74-76
进行性半侧颜面萎缩的研究进展 刘庆成 于洪波 临床口腔医学杂 2017,33(8):495-497
口腔颌面部创伤患者创伤后积极心理反应及相关影响因素分析 李丽 袁卫军 上海口腔医学 2017,26(1):102-105
老年萎缩性无牙颌下颌骨骨折的治疗现状 李明喆徐晓峰 徐兵 华西口腔医学杂志 2017,35(4):433-436
青少年期下颌骨缺损患者行Ⅱ期修复重建的观察与护理 赵小妹 袁卫军 上海护理 2017,17(1):56-58
软组织形变建模在虚拟手术中的应用进展 林雨恒 于洪波 中国口腔颌面外科杂志 2017,15(1):86-89
三维模拟手术在本科生口腔颌面外科见习教学中的应用 代杰文 沈国芳、王旭东 中国医学教育技术 2017,31(1):60-63
上唇叉形瓣在双侧唇裂术后继发过短鼻小柱修复中的应用 梁贇 杨育生 临床口腔医学杂志 2017,33(4):220-222
下颌骨髁突囊内骨折治疗研究进展 任荣 史俊 中国口腔颌面外科杂志 2017, 15(6): 559-563
虚拟手术及导航辅助下多学科协作的颌面部多发骨折的整复治疗 麻宏阳 张诗雷 组织工程与重建外科 2017,13(4):184-187
牙颌面畸形患者营养知识态度行为现况调查与分析 杨霞 袁卫军 上海护理 2017,17(2):45-48
Clinical evaluation of a toothpaste containing lysozyme for removal of extrinsic stains on the tooth surface: An 8-week, double-blind, randomized study 绍彦雄 周海文 Am J Dent 2017,30(3):147-150
Expression and antimicrobial character of cells transfected with human β‑defensin‑3 against periodontitis‑associated microbiota in vitro 朱敏文,苗博 王海燕,周曾同 Mol Med Rep 2017,16(3):2455-2460
In vitro cell culture system optimization of keratinocytes from oral lichen planus (OLP) patients 曹天翼 唐国瑶 Oral Dis 2017,23(2):225-232
Integrative analysis of mRNA and miRNA expression profiles in oral lichen planus: preliminary results 陈俊俊 唐国瑶 Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol 2017,124(4):390-402
Transplantation of periodontal ligament cell sheets expressing human β‑defensin‑3 promotes anti‑inflammation in a canine model of periodontitis 朱敏文,苗博 王海燕,周曾同 Mol Med Rep 2017,16(5):7459-7467
Treatment of exfoliative cheilitis with Traditional Chinese Medicine: a systematic review 孙凯 蒋伟文 中医杂志(英文版) 2017,37(2):147-158
阿斯匹林对口腔NNIS0级手术术后出血影响的Meta分析 刘丽骏 蒋伟文 中华老年口腔医学杂志 2017,15(4):228-230
复方绞股蓝胶囊联合辨证使用中成药治疗口腔扁平苔藓105例临床观察 宣静 周曾同 江苏中医药 2017,49(8):33-35
口腔扁平苔藓关键转录信号蛋白的表达差异分析 杜观环 唐国瑶 临床口腔医学杂志 2017,33(7):397-400
口腔扁平苔藓患者唾液IL-6、IL-10表达与疾病活动积分的相关性研究 孙倩倩 唐国瑶 临床口腔医学杂志 2017,33(10):600-603
苦参碱对生物膜状态白色念珠菌ALS基因表达的影响 吴岚 周永梅 临床口腔医学杂志 2017,33(4):211-213
鼠衰老模型的建模方法概述 孙凯 蒋伟文 中华老年口腔医学杂志 2017,15(3):181-184
无创筛查技术早期诊断口腔潜在恶性病患癌变的研究进展 李晨曦 施琳俊 临床口腔医学杂志 2017,33(6):381-383
牙周炎与银屑病在慢性肾病发生发展中的作用 俞维君 唐国瑶 临床口腔医学杂志 2017,33(1):59-62
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